how I met Neil Gaiman in Stockholm

(tl;dr - I went to Stockholm and met author Neil Gaiman there)

For now I have only an English version, it is long and full of details. And to answer your question - yes, I did fly from Russia to Sweden to see Neil Gaiman. Why? Because why not?


29 may 2014

I feel a bit philosophical right now as I fly back home from Stockholm where I spent several quite intense days. Yesterday I met Neil Gaiman who is one of my favourite authors and one of the most  beautiful human souls I ever knew.


The whole story is quite adventurous I must say, so I would love to describe it all and spice  it up with pictures I made. Couple of weeks ago I was not planning to go anywhere. But then a chain of events occurred which lead me to accomplishing one of my dreams.

I learnt that there going to be an event in Stockholm with Neil Gaiman. It was unfortunately sold out. I tried to tweet for spare tickets. None. Nevertheless I decided to check out the prices of airplane tickets. They appeared to be ridiculously low. Then it appeared that my friend Ira who lives in Stockholm will visit Moscow with her lecture on Swedish mentality. Immediately we thought that it would be awesome if I join her on her way home, so I bought tickets to the same plane.

Somehow right from the beginning I thought that I will not get sad if I wouldn’t see Neil Gaiman on my visit. After all he is busy man and popular as well. Also he must be tired. And I knew he is broken with experience he had in Jordan while witnessing life of Syrian refugees. But I wanted to make sure that I tried every option. Sold out event was not much of an option, but I tried to apply as a photographer by mail and I also went to the venue to ask if there will be any additional tickets. For mail I didn’t get an answer and there was no additional tickets.

Who could know that fruitless Tuesday will bring intense Wednesday?


With help of my friend Ira and internet I learnt that there will be a massive signing session in Science fiction bookstore in the Old Town of Stockholm and some mysterious public interview at the biggest bookstore of the city. Guess what - everything worked out just perfectly!


At 8-30 am I was at the SF bookstore where I found quite a queue. It was known that bookstore will open its doors at 10 am and people in the queue will get numbers. Those with numbers will be guaranteed that they will get 1 item signed by Neil. I was curious so I talked with the bunch of people who were first in row when did they come here. They said 5.30 am. That’s what I call dedication.



Our merry crowd of geeks and nerds was a huge attraction to tourists, locals and - as it appeared - to police as well. Tourists were making pictures of us, locals asked us what’s up and police came to check out our growing crowd. Hail to almighty power of socially dangerous army of geekdom.


What I really loved about Swedish people is that almost all of them speak decent English, so it was not a problem to talk with anybody which is cool. So in the queue I met Andreas and nameless girl in red jacket. It was quite cold, so we talked to while away the time.

WD4B9612_web WD4B9638_web WD4B9651_web WD4B9657_web WD4B9676_web WD4B9683_web WD4B9687_web WD4B9689_web


At 10am sharp staff of the SF bookstore came out of the shop and gave us all little pieces of paper torn out of the little geeky daily calendar. I got March, 17. Pretty smart way of organising everything, I think. After that all of us had “free time” till 4pm which was an official start of signing session.

WD4B9732_web WD4B9739_web

It appeared that I visited this shop when I was in Stockholm for the last time - 8 years ago. It was nice to find it at the same place after such a long time. It is very reassuring at our quick and quickly-changing times.

Inside of Science fiction bookstore in Stockholm old town a geek soul finds heaven. No joke. They have everything. Layers and piles of everything. From books to games, from clothes to jewellery, from manga to graphic novels, from movies to game. Just everything. I thought I will choke because of thrilled happiness.

All people could go inside and pimp up their collections of Neil Gaiman stuff. Until 4pm shop worked as usual. I spent there half an hour and then decided to go to Akademibokhandeln, that biggest bookstore of Stockholm, which is a chain of shops actually. It was not clear if anything will be happening there, it seems nobody knew about it. I invited Andreas to join me. Adventure is always better in good company, and we went there. (living statue is not me of course)


What a surprise, lady in the bookstore said that well, really we could just have a seat and Neil Gaiman will truly be here for the interview in 40 minutes. It is free, so we are welcome. Wow. We were shocked that lady Luck was such a generous darling. Quite soon we invited a girl, whom I saw in the queue to our table. Her name is Tanti. So we became three musketeers.  And quite international team I must say as Tanti is from Indonesia, I am from Russia and Andreas is from Sweden.




We grabbed a coffee and started waiting. Anticipation was growing. I understood that it was my long dreamt chance to make pictures of Neil. That I would have time to choose angles and moments. That I will not be face with quite a dim light in SF bookstore. That there is beautiful background behind armchairs where Neil will sit. And he came and I made pictures and I was happy.

WD4B9793_web WD4B9820_web WD4B9836_web WD4B9854_web WD4B9860_web

5-30am girls were also there! Yay!
WD4B9866_web WD4B9880_web WD4B9890_web WD4B9897_web

I love this picture so much. I mean, beard, hair, crazy brilliant brain - yes, it is all important parts of Neil Gaiman, but those are the hands which actually write what we read in books.WD4B9906_web WD4B9909_web WD4B9920_web

Somehow signing became not so much important. If my luck would leave me at that moment, it would be already totally ok for me. But now, luck was my best friend for the whole day. There was not much people at that interview, so it was intimate and nice.

After the interview people got a chance to buy some pre-signed copies of Ocean at the end of the Lane in Swedish. Andreas and Tanti left to meet their friends, we said each other “see you soon in the queue” and I was alone in the shop. I grabbed one pre-signed copy and waited for Ira, I thought maybe she would love to have it. I didn’t need a copy in Swedish and it was stupid to get it to myself. Then another wonderful thing happened. I came to the ladies who work in the shop and suggested that if they want I could send them pictures I did on the event. They said yes, please. And they gave me this book as a gift from the shop. I was so touched. I was never expecting or asking, or anything. We spoke how kind, attentive and brilliant Neil is as an author and as a person. And how nice of him it was to tell us all those things he did tell. And how different and special all his books are. At that moment I thought that Neil - as author and a human being - touches hearts of people and brightens up their souls. It may sound weird, but at that moment I felt so much inspired, so deeply thankful and so strong inside.

In Akademibokhandeln I finally saw and browsed through a book S by Doug and J.J. Abrams. I’ve seen at youtube how Neil interviews both authors of the book and they explain the idea of it. And I must say after I saw hardcopy of the book - it is fantastic idea and brilliant execution. The thing is that the book it a fiction book and 2 fiction persons correspond on the pages of the book concerning the secrets of the book and what an author of the book have hidden inside of it. Get it? Those conversations are written as if by pen and book has inserts of letters, napkins with as if hand drew maps, postcards, newspaper cut outs etc. I must get myself this book one day. It was quite expensive as it is very complicated in production.

Ira took my stupefied body to the cafe to eat some huge kebab and then walked me a bit around the Old town and then went to work. She is a Stockholm private guide and had a Old town tour starting at 4pm. We wished each other good luck and I went to Science fiction bookstore to the signing session. I found Andreas, we met some other March people (remember numbers of the calendar? I thought it's brilliant taking in account Neil's project Calendar of Tales he recently did) and we waited together for our month to come.

One of the March guys said he hopes to sign a piece of paper for his friend, she was desperate she couldn’t come. At that moment I had am immediate idea to give away my Swedish pre signed copy. He hugged me happily. Hey, guy, what was your name? I would love to put it here. I think I was too excited and I forgot. Also you promised me some pictures of me;)

Tanti was a February girl so she went one a bit before us. I saw her after she got her book signed. She cried tears of happiness. Those guys and girls who were first in row (5.30 am ones) also cried after they met Neil and got their books signed. And those were good tears, happy and honest. As I said - Neil somehow hugs you not just physically, but  he hugs that little forever kid inside of you. With love and kindness he does that. And people feel it. And they cry. I hope that they remember this feeling afterwards and that it helps them to go on with their lives. To be better, to be bigger on the inside and not forget to hug the inner kid of themselves and love it.

Then it was my turn. To be honest those 2 minutes are a blur and swirl of emotions. So all the preface above is much longer. I gave Neil my book - beautiful Coraline with pictures and black sheet edges - with post-it note which had my name and Moscow on it. He remembered me and my twitter quest for tickets to the event. We hugged. With this hug I believe I hugged Amanda and Anthony as well. I said something I don’t really remember. He said he was happy I made it. I asked him to give a gift for Anthony from me. I don’t trust Russian post. He said it was the best decision. I got my book signed. I left the bookstore. I cried and smiled on my way home.

WD4B0034_web WD4B0043_webWD4B0046_web WD4B0050_web WD4B0059_web WD4B0061_web WD4B0064_webWD4B0072_web WD4B0074_web WD4B0075_web

WD4B0068_webNext morning I woke up at 6am and went home to Moscow, Russia. I wrote all that in the plane, except a few last sentences.


  • Fernanda Sousa

    Lovely story! I'm waiting the day that i'll meet him. He looks like an incredible person and his books are AMAZING.
    I hope someday he come to Brazil, so i finally can see him haha

    • Vera

      He is more incredible than you can imagine. And I bit more. I am crossing fingers for his visit to Brazil! Your country is also magic.

  • Such alstory! I was at the signing in the SF bookshop too but did not know about the interview in the other bookshop until afterward. It was a wonderful day and you have equally wonderful photos from it! Actually, you can see me in a white and turquise coat near the entry ^^ I hope it's ok with you if I "pin" som of your pictures of Neil? Honestly they are not a lot of good pictures of him out there, yours are the best I've seen. I could hang them on my wall ^^

    • Vera

      Thank you very much for your comment. It means a world to me. Of course, you can pin them, you are welcome. It was great to share the queue with you:)

  • Brian

    Thank you for posting this! Great pictures!!
    I'm a bit miffed that I missed this since I live in Stockholm...

    • Vera

      Ouch, I am sorry, keep your eyes sharp on where's Neil page, hope you will not miss it next time. Thank you so much!

  • Nancy

    A really beautiful account, thank you for sharing your thoughts and wonderful images. I feel like I was there with you!

    • Vera

      Thank you for being so kind.

  • Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing the tale of your amazing adventure.

    • Vera

      Thank you for your kind comment.

  • Maria Trader

    Wonderful photos :)

    • Vera

      Thank you!

  • You're a very lucky girl, Vera. I love your post, this must have been such an amazing experience. Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, I'd love to meet him too one day.

    • Vera

      I am indeed. Thank you very much! I appreciate every word and that day was magic.

  • THANK YOU so much for this. It's like I was there, the whole time, with you. You take beautiful pictures that show everything, but leaves my imagination to tell the story.
    Thank you so very much.

    • Vera

      Thank you so much. Your words are truly important. They mean that I will go on in dream-chasing and sharing.

  • I found this posted on Neil Gaiman's facebook page.

    I just wanted to tell you how much your beautiful writing of this experience made me feel a bit emotional, and excited for you; I hope to someday meet him, too! Wonderful photos.

    • Vera

      Aw, thank you so much. Actually I am a bit overwhelmed by all those kind words of people who comment this blog. It makes me so touched and happy. And yes, you will meet him too!

  • Valeria C

    I heard too late of the visit and wasn't able to be there. But this made me pretty happy and gave me hope to meet the man one day.

    • Vera

      Oh, it's a pity. I am sure he will come to Sweden again!

  • Cle

    Soooooo envious!
    I love Neil!

    • Vera

      Me too. Also I am envious of myself.

  • Sonali Iyengar

    I understand your feelings perfectly. Thank you for sharing. I have absolutely no hope of ever getting to see him face to face, so your pictures and vivid words are treasured.

    • Vera

      Thank you very much for your comment. Maybe one day you will have your chance! Wish you that.

  • Jen

    This was a fantastic account, you are an excellent writer, I felt like I was there with you. But even better are the pictures- these are some of the best photos of Neil I've ever seen! I've had the pleasure of meeting him at signings several times, though it's been many years now. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    • Vera

      I thank you endlessly for your kind words. They touch me deeply, it means so much to me - that my words and pictures make people feel nice things, to remember nice things. Oh, thank you, Jen!

  • Rodrigo Lucena

    I envy you a little bit, but I must say that I also feel very touched and compelled to try the same thing, once I get to higher grounds (I too live in Brazil and I don't really believe he is coming anywhere near us soon).

    Both your words and pictures were mesmerizing! I even teared up a little with the he-hugs-the-little-boy-inside-you 'cause that's exactly what I think it's wonderful in his books: he talks with the present you, the past you and the earliest you. I don't know if this is a general thing, but I myself am very touched by things that regards childhood.

    Anyway, thanks for the words, the pictures and for the feeling that I'm a step closer to that dream of mine as well!

  • Alice M.

    Спасибо, Вера, что поделилась всем этим!
    История, конечно, потрясающая! А фотографии трогательные и уютные! После этого поста Нил Гейман стал ещё ближе даже мне, прочитавшей - пока - только одну его книгу. :)

    • Vera

      Спасибо, Алисон:) Я старалась! И давай читай обязательно остальные книги:) он прекрасен!

  • Your photographs are wonderful! You have a great talent. Thanks for sharing your story with us!