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This June I spent one day in New York and did a photo shoot with beautiful and talented Erin Hanson, who is a poet from Australia. So Russian made pictures of Australian in the American city. It is very New Yorkish, I think.

I absolutely adore poems by Erin. She sees such subtle things and manages to put them together in this bittersweet and stingingly painful but soul healing way. Read them HERE please.

I chose my favourite poems at that moment for the shooting and did a calligraphy with them. But you should read others. There many gems and jewels in Erin's art.

Via social media I learned Erin was about to arrive to the US at the same time I was there. So I decided to roll the dice and see if something can come of it. So I wrote her and she answered. And it appeared that our schedules gifted us with one and only morning we both could use to make this shooting possible.

Thank you, Erin, for being to inspiring and so top despite that before this shoot you spend kinda 36 hours travelling if I remember it right.

So the idea was to blend Erin and her beautiful poems into the fabric of New York city.

Model and poet - Ering Hanson

Photography and calligraphy - Vera Golosova

erin_001 erin_002

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